1. Food is our ally on health. From it our body uses the nutrients needed for immune system, growth, and other metabolic functions. Therefore all food provided to us by nature is good and can be consumed in moderate amounts. Meanwhile more varied our diet, the more complete the offer of protective elements we give to our body.

2. A food is valuable only “if he is rich and has few calories.” Today, with the study of functional foods, nutrition teaches us to choose foods that contain in themselves are natural elements of disease prevention. So yes the nuts, whole grains, avocados, vegetables and fruits of all kinds, red and white lean meats, vegetables … Remember that the amount that marks the boundary between the same food “fattening or not.”

3. The decrease in salt and sugar are in no way advice only for diabetics and hypertensives. The entire population, including children, should control the amount of them. We’re not talking totally suppress, rather moderate.

4. Prefer fresh food and little manufacturing, those highly processed food industry which has been making its aggregates.

5. Recall that distribute food within 4 to 6 meals a day is ideal for proper digestion and metabolism. None of these foods should leave us with “stomach fullness,” so the portion size is critical.

We all have favorite foods - macaroni and cheese, mom’s meatloaf, a favorite soup or double-fudge brownies - that satisfy our stomachs and somehow seem to feed our souls too. In other words, they nourish us on multiple levels.Maybe it’s inherent to our species. Maybe it’s an attraction to a natural chemical. Maybe it’s the fond recollections that some foods bring. But whatever it is, those old-favorite comfort foods - such as soups, cookies, and macaroni and cheese - sure taste good going down, and somehow warm the heart every time. 
It's no secret - most types of fast food are bad for you. In the past, fast food was considered a special treat, something to enjoy on a date or a family night out. Nowadays, more and more people around the world are frequently relying on fast foods as a regular source of meals. Most Americans already have diets that are too high in calories, fat and sodium. Eating fast food more than occasionally can cause a decrease in your overall level of health and nutrition.


    My name is Jala Alexander and i am interested in what people eat today.


    March 2013